Our LED Factory 



Our mission
There are certain values which we consider to be important: durability, corporate social responsibility and reliability. These values are at the base of all our company’s actions and activities.
LED-lighting is energy efficient, has a long life expectancy and doesn’t contain polluting heavy metals.
Made in Saudi Arabia
We design, develop and produce our own LED fixtures, for our own product line and for third party clients. We do this for clients in various branches, domestically and internationally.
In all of our products, deliveries, agreements and processes we strive for 100% reliability. Good professional relationships, for both in and outside our company, are very important to us. That’s why we do our best to get the best results for everyone involved.

Our Supplier



The LED factory specializes in advice, engineering and production in the field of market and customer oriented LED-appliances. We aim to translate the unlimited possibilities of LED-technology, which may still seem futuristic at this point, to products and services. To achieve this goal, we hold the following notions high: Made Saudi Arabia , customer wishes and quality.

high quality LED

to produce the high quality LED lighting you must have reliable RAW materials ,in our bait rittal factory we only produced the high quality LED for only those who know how to chose the right light and right quality .we are using only the fallowing brands

Customer wishes &Quality

  • Customer wishes: We like to think along with our customers. Our flexibility, experience and knowledge, makes us on expert on dealing with lighting projects on different levels and from different perspectives.
  • Quality: We guarantee top quality through our in-home engineering and production.